Cavas de Weinert


The winery was founded in 1975, by Don Bernardo C. Weinert, who was fascinated by the world of wine and decided to start his own winery in Argentina with an unconditional philosophy: to produce high quality wines.

Before embarking on such a task, he made an extensive study of Mendoza: its climate, soil, vines; found in Lujan de Cuyo the ideal place for entrepreneurship, brought the latest technology in winemaking at that time and collaborated with acclaimed oenologists.

After his first commercial vintage in 1976, in 1977 he produced “Weinert Malbec Estrella 1977”, a prestigious wine renowned from wine tasters worldwide.

Bodega Weinert today has a modern winemaking technology and quality control attended by the Swiss enologist Hubert Weber. In the process of winemaking, the grapes arrive at the winery in boxes after manual harvesting, and selected to enter the crushers and grinding machines.

During the fermentation process the musts are under temperature control and are being laboratory analyzed daily. After fermentation the wines rest and stabilize in cement tanks coated with epoxy, ensuring minimal temperature variation and vibration.

Going down to the cellars, we enter a mystical world, mix of wisdom and magic, where the winemaking art and characteristics of Mendoza earth unite to impress. Aged in French oak barrels, Weinert reds will rest in these cellars for at least two years, making them complicit in their secrets. Its thick stone walls hide them underground, thus creating the perfect temperature and humidity. These, together with human care and patience, are essential to achieving our goal: Argentine classic wines of high quality.

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