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Cavas de Weinert Winery

Estrella Series

Weinert Merlot Estrella is the maximum expression of harmonious and well aged Merlot within the philosophy of winemaking of Bodega y Cavas de Weinert and the aging and selection process for Estrella wines.


Collection Estrella

The wines of Estrella collection symbolize the potentiality of Argentinean viticulture. The grapes from extraordinary harvests and the art of the enologist formed unique wines in very limited quantities with exceptional quality. These notable coincidences do not happen every year and this is why they are called Stars (Estrellas).

Weinert Estrella is the maximum expression of harmony and aging according to the working philosophy of Bodegas y Cavas de Weinert. There is not vinified an Estrella line every year and when it is the production is limited.
It is the emblematic wine of the winery.

Wine available now in Argentina:

  • Collection Malbéc Estrella 1994
  • Collection Cabernet Sauvignon Estrella 1994
  • Collection Estrella Merlot 1999


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