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Agostino Finca Winery

Agostino Inicio Series

Agostino Inicio represents the road walked by the four Agostino siblings, who spent their childhood in Mendoza. There they gathered their best memories, close to their parents and their grandpa Sebastiano, who used to work in the vineyard. Since the early years in Mendoza, life led them along different roads, but the recollections of this land and the promise of coming back remained in their hearts. Coming back to fulfil a dream: to honor the family by leaving a heritage, Finca Agostino.


Agostino Inicio Torrontes

Varietal Composition:
100% Torrontes. Wine made from grapes cultivated in Barrancas, Maipú, Mendoza.

No aging in oak barrels.

Suggested Food Pairings:
Appetizers, sushi, chicken with curry based sauces. Asian dishes.

Tasting Notes:
Of a delicate yellow color with silvery hues, this Torrontés shows a fragrant nose of white flowers, ripe lemons and mango. It has an expressive palate, with vibrant tropical fruits notes.

Suggested Serving Temperature:
Between 9ºC and 11ºC.


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