Familia Cecchin


1910 seeking for a better future in Mendoza lands, Santiago and Maria Cecchin migrated from Treviso, Italy. In 1959, Pedro and Jorge Cecchin, their children,  dream of having a vineyard and a winery. With love and passion they started creating high quality wines.

In 1998, Alberto Cecchin, grandnephew of Jorge, inherited the mission to continue the tradition until now.

What is a great wine?
“A great wine reminds me of its origin or makes me imagine it… it’s a wine that makes me travel when I close my eyes for a second…These simple ideas are the motivation for our daily actions, and our wines are for us the opportunity to share our philosophy with the world.” (Alberto Cecchin)

Promoters of well-being and health, starting with their land, they pretend to a better world: healthier, cleaner and free of chemicals. They want to assure the welfare of future generations.


The bodega Cecchin is located in Russell, Mendoza, Argentina.All production comes from its own vineyards, whose main feature is organic grapes.

Cecchin has OIA certification “Organización Internacional Agropecuaria” and IFOAM “International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement” certification that allows the entry of these wines in the European market, thus ensuring the quality of all its products.

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